When looking for an Insurance Marketing Organization to represent as an independent agent, you must ask yourself how the company of your choice is different from all others.  At Combined Benefits United, Inc. we recognize that caring for our agents and investing in their training is a win-win for everyone - you, your clients, and CBU.  We provide consistent lead programs, ongoing trainings and an array of incentive trips in all three of our divisions - Life and Annuity, Worksite Benefits and Senior Care.  We believe being "the right partner" means giving our agents and producers the tools they need to succeed.

From marketing programs to incentive trips, here are a few key components that make CBU different from other Insurance Marketing Organizations.

Turn-key Marketing Systems

Social Security Rescue

 Social Security Rescue Workshops - Social Security Rescue Workshops are free one-hour informational-only seminars geared towards retirees and people between the ages of 58 and 67 years old. During the workshop, we discuss topics such as: How Social Security is calculated and simple strategies that could increase your benefits, when you should apply for Social Security, secrets for married couples to boost benefits, and how certain types of earnings and pensions could affect your benefits.


Asset Preservation Workshop

 Asset Preservation Workshops: A free two hour informational only seminar geared towards retirees and people over the age of 55 years old.  During the workshop we discuss topics such as: protecting your assets from nursing homes and illness, how to lower or eliminate taxes on Social Security, how to increase your spendable income as well as legal issues and ways to protect your principal.


Combined Benefits United TrainingTrainings and Universities: These live training events take place throughout the year and are geared toward agents that are new to CBU, host our Asset Preservation or Social Security Rescue workshops, or have a desire to learn more about the latest products and trends in our industry.  Please call our office (1-866-275-3345) or check the CBU Calendar for our upcoming trainings.  

Incentives Package

Incentive Packages: These incentive rewards and trips are allotted in all three divisions of CBU and hundreds of agents benefit from these award programs annually.  

Current Incentives:

Past Incentives: 

  • April 2014 - S.S. CBU Caribbean Cruise
  • April 30-May 7, 2014 - WNIC Cruise through Italy, Greece, and Turkey
  • June 2014 - Foresters Miami Beach, Florida Trip
  • August 19 - December 31, 2013 - WNIC $2,000 Shopping Spree Challenge to all Worksite Benefit Agents.
  • September 15 to December 15, 2013 - WNIC & CBU Power Play Cash Grab

Home Office Training

Home Office Training: Many of our agents travel to the Home Office of our valued partners to receive up to date training and new sales concepts. This intimate relationship with our trusted carriers, is a major element that sets us apart from other Insurance Marketing Organizations.

Recent Trainings:



One on One Training

Producer Forum: Our Managing General Partners' main objective is your success as an insurance professional. We want to shorten your learning curve so that you are able to jump start your area of focus and succeed in this rewarding industry.  

The third Friday of every month we invite all our agents to join us for a three hour session that will leave you feeling energized and full of new ideas. The Producer’s Forum is dedicated to keeping every agent up to speed with the most current products and news in the industry. Each month, The Forum introduces a guest speaker who may be an Estate Planning Attorney, a Dale Carnegie inspirational speaker, a Regional VP of sales discussing a new product, or an individual discussing alternatives to products such as traditional Long Term Care or term life insurance contracts.


Training Manuals and Guides: At CBU, we feel it's important to get agents off to a great start.  We've developed in-house training materials for programs within the Life and Annuity Division, Worksite Benefits Division and Asset Preservation Workshops.


Social Security Rescue Agent Guide

Social Security Rescue Workshop

This manual contains infomation needed to host a successful Social Security Rescue workshop.  The Social Security Rescue workshop is designed to educate singles and married couples on the best time to enroll for Social Security benefits.  This seminar shows indivduals how to maximize their lifetime income.  There are a lot of common mistakes people make when signing up for Social Security. The workshop offers the opportunity to learn little known Social Security strategies that could maximize your client's lifetime benefits and KEY FACTORS they need to know BEFORE applying for Social Security.   

Fast Track Manual - Combined Benefits United

Worksite Division

As an industry leader in the Voluntary Benefits Marketplace, CBU has developed an innovative success track that will set you on your way to a career, not just a job.  Our proprietary Fast Track Worksite Guide is designed to be YOUR blueprint to success. It was developed over a period of time using success stories from the field and outside sales consultants to develop a “best practices” guide to assist future hires in achieving their desired results. 


Asset Preservation Workshop

Asset Preservation Workshops

We understand that the most important aspect to the longevity of your career is to have people hear your message.  Seminars provide the ability to tell a story one time to a large audience, rather than to one individual at a time. In this manual, we describe the step by step process that a financial professional would follow in hosting a workshop.  It is a system that we are excited to share and one that we have taken great pride in designing. 

Final Expense Manual

Life and Annuity Division - Final Expense

This manual contains recommendations that have been derived from years of experience in the field of final expense insurance. This manual offers advice and stresses the importance that you understand the “A-Z” of Final Expense life insurance selling.  As you master these tips, you will become a student of the business that you are in and you will ensure for yourself - a healthy career.