Our Story

Founded in 2000 by a long-time agent, Raymond Vallee, Combined Benefits United (CBU) is a Field Marketing Organization based in Hallowell, Maine that provides financial professionals and insurance agents with the tools they need to move more business. Powered by providing agents with the marketing systems, mentoring, and training they need to be successful, CBU is widely known for doing things just a “little different” from other marketing companies.

Beginning his career as a field agent with Prudential in 1984, Ray was around for the “old school” way of training advisors. Back when most advisors were captive and received their training from their home office. Having been part of the insurance revolution, where carriers began to pass off the training, mentoring and motivation of advisors to a “middle man”, Ray’s experience, boisterous personality and coaching mentality naturally lead him to start his own organization.

The CBU difference is experienced throughout every level of our organization. From our fine-tuned support and training, customized marketing programs, and Producer Forums, to the structure of our team, CBU is about helping advisors succeed.