Social Security Retirement Workshop

A Huge Opportunity With Even Greater Results.

Retirement You Social Security Workshops

Retirement Income planning is one of the most important considerations for clients when determining their financial outlook, and it affects everyone. This translates into a huge opportunity for starting conversations and converting them into sales with current clients and prospects alike.

Show clients “what’s at stake”

Our Retirement You program is easy to learn and ready to use. The system has been tested in more than 75 markets nationwide, and the producers using this system have been able to consistently generate nearly $500,000 of new FIA premium per month. The process is simple, the cost is minimal, and best of all it works.

  • Use our tailored mail and/or online campaign that generally brings 40-80 prospects per seminar
  • Implement our client presentation in conjunction with our speaker notes and trainings to make preparation easy
  • Leverage our client fact finder, custom software and personalized reports to help clients maximize their Social Security income
  • Identify any income gaps and show clients how to solve for them by using life insurance and annuities
  • Simplify your back-office work by letting our team run illustrations to support your sales