Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

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When we asked advisor Chris Shelton to tell us about his experience hosting a seminar on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine, he had a lot of great things to say. It was the very first time Chris’ company Atlantic Financial Group had been out to the island and he was determined to make sure it wasn’t the last. One of his long time health insurance clients and a resident of the small community recommended that it would be a great idea to host a seminar there. He said he couldn’t think of any time he had heard about someone coming to talk about retirement planning in the area. It was clear that there was a need, so Chris began the adventure. After distributing flyers the old fashioned way, going door to door and collecting handshakes, he knew it was bound to be a great experience.

Next, Chris teamed up with speaker Lance Gilman to present an income and retirement planning seminar. In the past Lance and Chris had numerous challenges to overcome but always managed to pull through. One of those times was when Chris showed up to a workshop riding in a tow truck because his car broke down on the way there. Another one of those times when Chris’ guest speaker had to cancel last minute. They always managed to persevere and make it through, which is why they knew it would be worth the time and effort. They were right.

Everything went as planned and they delivered quality retirement and social security information to the Vinalhaven community. The people were very welcoming and judging by all the meaningful conversations, they appreciated Lance and Chris’ presence very much. Chris plans to host another workshop on the Island in the fall once the fishing season starts to slow down.

Atlantic Financial Group’s dedication to helping the community is yet another example of why Combined Benefits United is proud to work along-side advisors like Chris Shelton. No matter the circumstances, if you put in the work, meaningful relationships and positive business experiences will come your way.