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Become an Investment Advisor Representative

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Combined Benefits United is now partnered with Foundations Investment Advisors (FIA) and is excited to roll-out our turn-key program for you to become an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR).  
With the changing financial landscape and regulatory environment, the days of the "insurance only" producer are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Becoming an IAR will enhance your existing annuity business by making you a more complete advisor and helping you build a recurring revenue for you and your family. Don't leave any money on the table! 
Why Partner with FIA as an IAR.....2 big reasons:
1) Low cost professionally managed portfolios - overseen by Chief Investment Officer Darren Leavitt, CFA® with over 20 years of money management experience.

Click here to listen to a recorded Market Update call from last Tuesday with Darren; he was right on with what happened to the market and last Friday and Monday when the market was getting killed he was buying; exactly the reason you hire a professional money manager, especially one that manages money tactically. 

2) Learn the proven process of growing your Assets under Management from Jeff Junior who has grown his AUM to $100 million in just 3 years while increasing his annuity business to over $20 million annually.   
The program includes all the study tools, classroom instruction and the plan you need to pass your Series 65 - the First Time! 
  • Textbook, online lectures, flashcards, DVD & CD---with the 30 day study plan to get you ready for the class
  • 3 ½ days of personalized classroom instruction in Portland, ME to make sure you are ready to pass the test!
  •  Concierge service along the way---to handle all steps of the process.
  • Once you pass the 65 ....all the filings to become an Investment Advisor Representative.
  • Train you on the FIA process and the portfolios
It's a winning combination, you do what you do best, advise and manage relationships and leave the day to day portfolio management to the professionals. 
Hurry, this classroom training is Oct. 6th - 9th. The cost for the turn-key program at the Seasons Event and Conference Center in Portland, ME is $1,295.
The Foundations Advisors Difference
Foundations Investment Advisors (FIA) is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that provides fee-based planning services to Series 65 licensed advisors nationwide. Their in house CFA® provides active portfolio management for retirees, while minimizing risk and maximizing returns.  
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For sign-up information, please contact or 207-620-7265.