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Become an Investment Advisor Representative

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Become an Investment Advisor Representative  - A Turn-key Program to the Fiduciary Standard 

Stay ahead of the new DOL ruling by becoming an Investment Advisor Representative now rather than wait for the coming changes in 2018!

Foundations Investment Advisors, in partnership with Combined Benefits United, is offering a turn-key program to become an Investment Advisor Representative. This classroom training is May 23rd-25th at the Seasons Event and Conference Center in Portland, ME. The cost for this program is $1,495.

This program includes:

* All the study tools
- An intro call from the instructor, Don Mitchell with Financial Academy
- Access to the On Demand program
- 2 books and a CD ROM with review questions 

* 3 days of classroom instruction in Portland, ME
- Come learn from a master test taker - Don Mitchell from Financial Academy
- He almost guarantees you will pass---but you have to do it his way: 3 full days of class and then 2 to 7 full days of review (based on your industry knowledge and test-taking prowess)
- Pre-reading is not required - although it is recommended! You will receive 2 Textbooks
- He will show you the way to pass the test by dissecting the questions and mastering the vocabulary 

* Concierge service along the way --file your U10, schedule the exam

* Once you pass the Series 65.....all the filings and brochure to become an IAR

* Training on the FIA Process and the Portfolios

Why Become an IAR and Partner with FIA....2 big reasons:

1. Low cost professionally managed portfolios - overseen by Chief Investment Officer Darren Leavitt, CFA® with over 20 years of asset management experience.

2. Learn the proven process of growing your Assets under Management from Jeff Junior who has grown his AUM to $125 million in just over 4 years while writing $20 million annually in Annuity premium.

It's a winning combination, you do what you do best--advise and manage relationships and leave the day-to-day portfolio management to the professionals.

For further information and questions, please contact Laurie Simons at 480-214-9837 or