Life Insurance. It’s Important.

Life Insurance. It’s Important.

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September has begun and it’s our time to shine when it comes to educating the public on why life insurance is so important. Of course our goal is to inform and educate throughout the year but September being, “National Life Insurance Awareness Month” gives us all the more reason to do so. Many people know life insurance is important to have, however, not as many people know what it can do for them. We have decided to make it easy. Listed below are some of the top ways it can protect your client and their family today.

• Protect mortgage in the event of death
• Help supplement children’s education costs
• Cover funeral and burial costs
• Supplement retirement
• Protect family financially

Looking at life insurance from a far, it provides your clients loved ones with financial benefits in the event that they pass away; replacing income, living expenses, debts, or even college funds. The other side that many people may not see is living benefits which could come in the form of cash value, loan provisions, or more. LIMRA, an international association that provides research and consulting in the financial services industry, reports that 56 percent of U.S. households have no individual life insurance. That number has reached an all-time high, which means millions of American households are at risk. In fact, 70 million Americans recognize that they need more life insurance.

Ask yourself, how can I help? Remember, you are the professional. September is the time to use your knowledge to insure a happy future for the families in your community. Continue to work hard and never settle for anything but your 100%, we promise, it will be worth it.

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