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SECURE Act Update

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As you are likely aware, the President has signed a spending package that included the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act. The goal of the SECURE Act is to improve the nation's retirement system through various provisions intended to benefit individual savers with IRAs and support small business owners wishing to offer retirement plans.

February is "Insure Your Love" Month

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Valentine’s Day is a day for people to celebrate their love for each other. That’s why every February the nonprofit LIFE Foundation asks people to look beyond the traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers, and to show their loved ones that they care through the selfless gift of life insurance.

How Voluntary Benefits Can Help Businesses With Employee Retention

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The United States job market has been growing year-over-year for almost a decade, and as of last September, the unemployment rate hit a five-decade low. This is incredible news for US workers, and for the economy, and it suggests that there is a smaller number of job seekers, and a higher demand for quality workers.

10 reasons why this is the best time ever to be an advisor

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By Van Mueller

This is the greatest time ever to be in our business, but most insurance and financial professionals have not realized it yet. Many have not achieved the success they desire. Please remember, the biggest sale you will ever make in your career is to yourself. You have to believe in something before you can see it, and you have to see it before you can do it. Without total belief in what you do, it is difficult to inspire people to take action.

Here are 10 reasons why this is the greatest time ever:

Why Over 40% of Americans Aren't Saving For Retirement - And Why They Should Start

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Over 40% of Americans surveyed say they are not saving for retirement, including those aged 45 to 65, which is generally considered peak savings time. If you inclued younger working people, aged 18-34, the number climbs to 50%. Younger workers say that they just aren't saving, despite it being hammered into their head since a young age that saving now will make retirement easier.