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Brian Heath Receives Dale Carnegie Award

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Brian Heath, Worksite Benefits Manager at Combined Benefits United, recently received a "Fact Benefit Contest" Award while participating in a Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course.  The Fact Benefit Contest is a sales exercise based on product knowledge and the factual presentation of product information.  Brain's professional experience with working in the voluntary benefits industry positioned him perfectly to win this contest.  Brian is the best in the industry, and we are proud to have him on the "CBU Team".

Jac Arbour Receives Coaching Leadership Award

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Jac Arbour, Life and Annuity Division Manager with Combined Benefits United, recently received the "Coaching Leadership" Award during a Dale Carnigie Sales Advantage Course.   Jac's enthusiasm to lead and willingness to share his leadership skills are the key ingredients to his success as a sales leader.  Hats off to you, Jac and keep up the great work. 

Jac Arbour - Dale Carnigie Sales Advantage

Health Care Innovations

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Health Care Innovations - Combined Benefits UnitedWe live in a technical age that has numerous benefits for people all over the world. Probably the most significant impact of technological advances is the one they have upon our health care. Look back even to just a few decades ago and you’ll be amazed at how far the medical field has come.

Association between Lack of Health Insurance and Mortality

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Health Insurance - Combined Benefits UnitedWe all know that seeing a health care provider regularly can improve and maintain your health. Reasons for this include things like being able to detect conditions early, getting advice on how to exercise and eat healthily, and getting information on what medications would be best for you. But how much of a difference can regular health care make?