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Join Dale Carnegie Maine!

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Great leaders are individuals who are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others to do so in the process. Dale Carnegie's Leadership Training vision extends from corporate training and team building, to improving the leadership qualities within each individual. Their Leadership Training courses are not a one-size-fits all approach, and they work with you or your company to provide custom training resources.

Below are several upcoming courses offered by Dale Carnegie Maine, along with links to register for the course: 

Why Are Rich Retirees So Reluctant To Spend Money?

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There's a time in everyone's life to save. There's also a time when you're supposed to spend. That time is commonly known as retirement.

Millions of Americans aren't doing that, however, which has put the U.S. in a perverse situation. Younger generations aren't saving enough as their income slips further behind previous generations. Older Americans meanwhile sit atop unprecedented piles of assets built through stock market and real estate booms.

Yet these retirees, or at least the affluent ones, aren't spending it. It turns out they're afraid of the unknown.

How To Sell Life Insurance To Millennials

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Millennials are the largest living generation today, controlling $200 billion in annual spending power in the US. Although many are burdened by student loans and underemployment, their buying power will only continue to increase as they inherit businesses, estates and jobs from retiring baby boomers. They are also a “saving generation” and are already planning for their retirements.