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National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Every month nowadays seems to have a connection to some national awareness. While we can argue that some may be less important...National Beard Day, the 24th is National Punctuation day, and National Cheese Pizza day is right around the corner. There are some that have profound meaning for the people in your community.

Life Insurance. It’s Important.

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September has begun and it’s our time to shine when it comes to educating the public on why life insurance is so important. Of course our goal is to inform and educate throughout the year but September being, “National Life Insurance Awareness Month” gives us all the more reason to do so. Many people know life insurance is important to have, however, not as many people know what it can do for them. We have decided to make it easy. Listed below are some of the top ways it can protect your client and their family today.

How Much of My Income Will Social Security Replace?

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How much of my income will Social Security replace? A common question that occurs all too often in the financial industry. Unfortunately, not as much as it once did. People are living longer, laws are changing, and employers aren’t helping as much with retirement benefits. What does this mean for you? Without a solid nest egg to help glide you and your spouse into the golden years, many people are falling short financially. Becoming dependent on relatives for care or being forced back into work is not something any of us want to deal with.

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

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When we asked advisor Chris Shelton to tell us about his experience hosting a seminar on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine, he had a lot of great things to say. It was the very first time Chris’ company Atlantic Financial Group had been out to the island and he was determined to make sure it wasn’t the last. One of his long time health insurance clients and a resident of the small community recommended that it would be a great idea to host a seminar there. He said he couldn’t think of any time he had heard about someone coming to talk about retirement planning in the area.

Combined Benefits United Golden Ticket Winners

CBU Wonka Bars Deliver Four Golden Tickets

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Our June Producer Forum kicked off the second half of the year by offering a chance for advisors to hone their skills and win some cash. A three-hour training by well-known life insurance expert, Van Mueller, was the focus of the event. As an added element of excitement,  the day ended with a CBU Wonka bar giveaway. Of the 50 chocolate bars dispersed, four secretly contained a redeemable Golden Ticket worth $250 each. Ray Vallee, fun-loving president of CBU, dressed as Willy Wonka to deliver the sweets to advisors.

June is National Annuity Awareness Month

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First off, I hope everyone is having an incredible month so far. The weather is beginning to warm up, perfect for getting outside and enjoying the natural beauty your state has to offer!

As mentioned in the title, this month is National Annuity Awareness month. As a top producing FMO our job is not only to work with you to achieve the financial security you need but also to educate. At CBU we believe that you can never have enough tools in your toolbox so we continue to add new strategies and knowledge to yours.

Social Security Education for Advisors

6 Secrets to Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits Under the New Rules

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The original Social Security Act provided only retirement benefits for wage and salary earners. In 1939, benefits were added for family members after the worker's death or retirement. Most amendments have expanded the scope of the Social Security program - by extending coverage to more groups of persons, by increasing benefits or by increasing the wage base for taxes and benefits.

I'm sure your clients have a plethera of concerns (and they are not alone). Here are six different talking points to peak your client's interest to attend your next Social Security workshop:

Combined Benefits United Maine HR Convention Sponsor

Sponsoring The Maine HR Convention This Week in Rockland

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Each spring Combined Benefits United (CBU) sponsors the Maine HR Convention at the Samoset in Rockland, and that's where you'll find us this week! We're here hanging out with over 800 Maine HR professionals as they learn about new industry standards when it comes to things such as employee benefits and supplemental insurance. Indeed, an exciting event for us to attend since we have the opportunity to speak with some of the best HR professionals in Maine.